Workspace ONE Assist

Welcome to this blog of Workspace ONE Assist!You are probably wondering what Assist is, or if you already know, what Assist can do for you!In this blog post I will dive deep into the world of VMware Workspace ONE Assist! Let’s Assist!, ehh… begin 🙂 What is Workspace ONE Assist? Workspace ONE Assist is the, […]

Ansible with NSX-T and AVI part 1

Introduction Ansible is a radically simple IT automation system. It handles configuration management, application deployment, cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task execution, network automation, and multi-node orchestration. Ansible makes complex changes like zero-downtime rolling updates with load balancers easy. VMware has Ansible modules for NSX-T and NSX-T Advanced Load balancer (AVI Networks)This blog assumes you have some […]

Multistream ICA/HDX

ICA Citrix utilizes the ICA(/HDX) protocol to transfer data from the VDA (virtual delivery agent) to the client computer. This protocol handles multiple types of data. Your keyboard/mouse and audio input/output for example get transferred within this protocol.We call these separate elements ‘Virtual Channels’. By default, all this data gets transferred over the same port. […]

Optimizing Microsoft Teams on Citrix

Modern times require modern solutions, such as Microsoft Teams. What to do however when your Microsoft Teams user experience is not up to par due to extensive consumption in your organization?This blog post will guide you through optimizing Teams on Citrix and your local machines.Please keep in mind that below text is all based on […]

NSX-T and AVI networks via policy api

Introduction In 2019 AVI Networks was acquired by VMware.In NSX-T, AVI Networks is also known as NSX Advanced Loadbalancer.VMware is working hard integrating AVI into NSX-T.This blog shows you how to be able to create objects in the AVI controller via the NSX-T policy API.The tool I am using for the API calls is Postman.VMware […]


Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things. Is this all just a pipe dream, or closer than you think? A FUTURISTIC WAY TO WAKE UP Imagine it’s 2030. I wake up in my future home. Around 7:00 AM – during the lightest stage of sleep – my alarm goes off. I don’t […]

Enabling the Device Compliance (With Workspace ONE UEM) authentication policy in Workspace ONE Access

This is a follow-up from of my previous blogpost “Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access“. When the Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM components are integrated, you can configure a Device Compliance authentication policy in Workspace ONE Access, based on Device Compliance rules you create in Workspace ONE UEM. This offers an […]

How to enable the Unified App Catalog in Workspace ONE

This blog post is a follow-up of my previous blog: “Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access“. The Unified App Catalog enables customers to provide a central application via the Intelligent HUB app. This offers the end-users a central place in which, in addition to the Workspace ONE Access applications, the mobile applications can […]

Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access

Workspace ONE UEM can be integrated with Workspace ONE Access! Here are a couple of reasons why you want to do this: It has the possibility to create a “Unified Application Catalog” – A central portal in which, in addition to the Workspace ONE Access applications, the mobile applications can also be displayed. The Unified […]

Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access integration fails

This is just a short blog post of something strange we had encountered during the Workspace ONE Access integration wizard in the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console. As it turned out, the solution was pretty simple. Workspace ONE UEM The Workspace ONE Access integration wizard is accessed via the Settings, System, Enterprise Integration, Workspace ONE […]


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