Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access integration fails

This is just a short blog post of something strange we had encountered during the Workspace ONE Access integration wizard in the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console. As it turned out, the solution was pretty simple.

Workspace ONE UEM

The Workspace ONE Access integration wizard is accessed via the Settings, System, Enterprise Integration, Workspace ONE Access, Configuration menu.

Whenever we filled in the Workspace ONE Access tenant details. We could perform a successful test, but whenever we hit the SAVE button we saw the following error message:

  • Save Failed – It appears an error occurred getting the built-in IDP details. Please check these details in Workspace ONE Access and try again to continue.

Workspace ONE Access

There was nothing in the Workspace ONE UEM logs to be found for this error message, so we decided to look at the IDP settings in the Workspace ONE Access Admin Console, by clicking the Identity & Access Management, Identity Provider menu.

It was there, we noticed there was already a preconfigured built-in IDP, but nothing more. When we compared these settings with another Workspace ONE Access tenant, we noticed the built-in IDP with the name “Built-in” was missing!

Creating this IDP is quite easy, on the right side, click the button “Add Identity Provider” and select Create Built-in IDP from the drop-down menu.

Give the name “Built-in”, select the System Directory (or/and any other Directory, if present), click a network, in my case ALL RANGES, and select an authentication method, in my case Password (Local Directory).

Scroll down and click ADD.

The Built-in IDP with the name “Built-in” is now successfully added!

The result

Back to Workspace ONE UEM, let’s try this again!

Success!! Now we can successfully add the Workspace ONE Access tenant and continue with the rest of the configuration.

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