How to completely reset Workspace ONE UEM and Access integration

In some cases, it could be the Workspace ONE UEM and Access integration is not working anymore. In the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console there is a DELETE button to delete the configuration and start over again, but in Workspace ONE Access, there is no possibility to delete the configuration, and we must find a way with 3rd party tooling, such as POSTMAN, to delete the configuration.

Before we continue, note to the following DISCLAIMER:

  • Only test and verify the mentioned steps in a TEST environment.
  • For PRODUCTION environments, always consult and follow instructions from VMware
  • We are not responsible for any errors, omissions or representations of these instructions. The readers accepts full responsibility into his/her actions.

Workspace ONE UEM

In Workspace ONE UEM, delete the WS1 Access configuration. Go to the Systems menu, Enterprise Integration, Workspace ONE Access Configuration. Click DELETE.

Workspace ONE Access 

As mentioned earliers, there is no delete button in Workspace ONE Access. We will do this with POSTMAN. Before we can use postman, we are required to configure Remote App settings. 

  1. In WS1 Access, go to Catalog, Settings 
  1. Click Remote App Access, Clients, Create Client 
  1. Fill in the following client configuration details: 
  • Access type = Service Client Token 
  • Client ID= postman_API 
  • Write down “Client ID” value, you’ll need it later
  1. Click on “Advanced”  
  1. Click on “Generate Shared Secret“ 
  1. Copy the Shared Secret and save it to a text file, you’ll need it later
  1. Leave other configuration settings as-is and click on Add 
  1. Download & install POSTMAN 
  1. In Postman, Create a New environment 
  1. Fill in the following variables and values: 
  1. VIDMhost = WS1 Access URL. Make sure there is no trailing slash (“/”) at the end of the URL! 
  1. VIDM_oauth_clientID = Postman_API (step 3). Make sure to type it exactly as you’ve created in step 3. 
  1. VIDM_oauth_sharedsecret = Paste the Shared Secret from step 4.
  1. VIDM_oauth_bearerToken = leave empty 

Click SAVE 

  1. In POSTMAN, click the “+” sign 
  1. Select POST from request types drop-down menu.
  1. type in the URL: {{VIDMhost}}/SAAS/auth/oauthtoken?grant_type=client_credentials 
  1. Click the tab Authorization 
  1. Type = Basic Auth 
  1. Username = {{VIDM_oauth_clientID}} 
  1. Password = {{VIDM_oauth_sharedsecret}} 
  1. Click SEND 
  1. Copy the Access Token, make sure you copy only text without the double quotes 
  1. Click again the “+” sign 
  1. Select DELETE from request types drop-down menu. 
  1. URL = {{VIDMhost}}/SAAS/jersey/manager/api/tenants/tenant/airwatchoptin/config 
  1. Click the tab Authorization 
  1. Type = Bearer Token 
  1. Token = Access Token from step 16 
  1. Click SEND.  
  1. you should see the following output if “DELETE” request was executed successfully 
  1. Confirm that the UEM configuration in WS1 Access Admin Portal is now gone!

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