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Using Android Virtual Device Manager as an android device emulator to test and validate VMware Workspace ONE UEM enrollments and configurations

Google offers excellent software to test mobile device management for Android devices through Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager. AVD is part of Android Studio and with this software you can virtualize Android devices. You can choose different phone models and decide which Android OS version you want to run. OS versions from 4.0 to 12.0 are available. The software is […]

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Ansible in NSX-T and NSX-ALB: Using collections

Introduction A couple of days ago, I noticed VMware is changing Ansible roles to collections.Collections are a distribution format for Ansible content that can include playbooks, roles, modules, and plugins.This distribution is performed by Ansible Galaxy, which is a place from where you can install or get other developer’s shared content.This is a great thing. Now we do not need […]

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NSX-T and AVI networks via policy api

Introduction In 2019 AVI Networks was acquired by VMware.In NSX-T, AVI Networks is also known as NSX Advanced Loadbalancer.VMware is working hard integrating AVI into NSX-T.This blog shows you how to be able to create objects in the AVI controller via the NSX-T policy API.The tool I am using for the API calls is Postman.VMware NSX-T API guide can be […]

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Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things. Is this all just a pipe dream, or closer than you think? A FUTURISTIC WAY TO WAKE UP Imagine it’s 2030. I wake up in my future home. Around 7:00 AM – during the lightest stage of sleep – my alarm goes off. I don’t hear the deafening ringtone of […]

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How to enable the Unified App Catalog in Workspace ONE

This blog post is a follow-up of my previous blog: “Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access“. The Unified App Catalog enables customers to provide a central application via the Intelligent HUB app. This offers the end-users a central place in which, in addition to the Workspace ONE Access applications, the mobile applications can also be displayed. The Unified […]

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Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access

Workspace ONE UEM can be integrated with Workspace ONE Access! Here are a couple of reasons why you want to do this: It has the possibility to create a “Unified Application Catalog” – A central portal in which, in addition to the Workspace ONE Access applications, the mobile applications can also be displayed. The Unified Application Catalog portal only shows […]

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Image Management for VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure

Introduction The VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Azure belongs to a family of cloud services delivered by VMware that enables the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to end-users on any device, anywhere. VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure provides two distinct workload options: Horizon Cloud Desktops and Horizon Cloud Apps. Within these workload options, customers are able to create RDSH […]